The Hunchback


The bells had been rung; Quasimodo sat in his office atop the bell tower waiting for the archbishop. His muscles ached; he was getting old.   The Archbishop came in. “Good morning, Quasimodo.”   “Good morning, your imminence.   I have a favor to ask of you. I grow old and it gets harder and harder to ring the bell every day. Is there any way I could get some help?”   “Certainly, you’ve been here for over forty years. Put an ad in the paper tomorrow and see if you can hire some help.” The archbishop smiled.   “Thank you, thank you,” Quasimodo groveled at the Archbishop’s feet.   Quasimodo put an ad in the paper. The day after the ad ran he heard a knock at the door. “Come in,” he said.   A man with no arms walked into the office.   “Can I help you?” Quasimodo looked strangely at the man.   “I am here to answer the ad for bell ringer you placed in the paper.”   “But, you have no arms. Can you ring the bell with no arms?”   “How do you think I knocked on the door? Yes, I can ring the bell.”   Quasimodo looked at the armless man. “I’m sorry, but you will have to demonstrate to me you can ring the bell.”   “Watch this!” The man backed against the wall and ran at the bell, striking it with his face. Bong, the bell rang as the armless man bounced off it and through the window. “Yaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” the armless man plunged to his death three stories down on the cobbled street.  
Quasimodo hurried as fast as he could down the stairs. He reached the dead man just as the Archbishop did. “Quasimodo, who is this man?”   Quasimodo looked up with his one good eye. “I don’t know your eminence, but his face sure rings a bell.”   The next day, Quasimodo again sat in his office. There was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Quasimodo said.   The door opened as another armless man came in. He looked exactly like the man who had died the day before. Quasimodo was taken aback. “Could I help you?”   “I am here to apply for the bell ringer job,” the armless man said.   Quasimodo looked at him. “You look exactly like the guy that was here yesterday. He didn’t have arms either.”   “He was my identical twin,” the armless man said.   “I will have to ask you to demonstrate to me that you can ring the bell,” Quasimodo said.   “Watch this,” the man said as he backed against the wall just as his brother had done the day before. He ran at the bell, striking it with his face, bounced off the bell and out the window. “Yaaaahhhhh,” the armless man plunged to his death three stories below.   Quasimodo hurried as fast as he could, wondering how he would explain this to the Archbishop. He got to the street just as the Archbishop did.   “Quasimodo,” the Archbishop said. “Who is THIS man?”   “I don’t know your eminence, but he’s a dead ringer for that guy that was here yesterday.”    
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you know what suicide is? its a way of telling god you cant fire me i quite

It made me laugh!!

Humm funny , not in a ha ha kind of way , but funny .