Daily Joke .... a New Bride

A new bride went to her doctor for a check up. Lacking knowledge of the male anatomy, she asked the doctor "What's that thing hanging between my husbands legs?"

The doctor replies "We call that the penis." The new bride then asks "What's that reddish/purple thing on the end of the penis?"

The doctor replies "We call that the head of the penis. The bride then asks "What are those 2 round things about 15 inches from the head of the penis?"

The doctor replies "Lady, on him I don't know, but on me they're the cheeks of my ***!"
linda linda
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6 Responses Jan 11, 2007

lol, that's great......thx for the laugh.

LOL. Couldn't hold my laugh.
Thanks for sharing this.
He could have said knee caps.

I laughed so hard i woke my husband up! Good thing its the wknd!

hahaha..the doctor must be impatient man! hahahahaha


Alright if you must..but, I don't know??? LW