Zelda and Zenobia

Zelda and Zenobia were twin sisters, very close, and quite poplular in their community. Both were in their late seventie when after a brief illiness Zenobia passed away. The funeral home was packed with people all crowding around when Zelda arrived. Taking ioone klook at her beloved sister lying there, Zelda threw herself on the casket weeping and shouting over and over again

" Thanks be to God the're together at last!. The're together at last!Thnaks be to God the're together at last"

The rabbi seeing this walked over put his arm about the weeping and disconsulate sister and said quietly'

"Zelda, I understand your grief , but your sister had a very active life. as a matter of fact she was married eight times and we know that she has had many affairs over the years" So she is now at peace, so what is this the're together at last you are saying. What's together at last?"

"Her legs!  her legs! are together at last!

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OY! :D

oh yes that is a very good thing.. that they are 2gether.. at last.. lol..

Me too, thanks!

cute one! I enjoyed that!