During the intermission of a popular New York broadway show, A usher walking down the aisle on an inspection tour noticed a man lying across five seats on the main floor.

"Excuse me, sir!" said  the young usher , " The house is packed tonight and people will be coming back soon to occupy those seats , you must get up".

The man waved at the usher and shouted "Argggggh!"

"Well " said the usher" If that is your attitude,  I'll just go and get the manager" and off he went.

Retruning with the manager the request to get up was repeated by the manager with the same results. A wave of the arm and the same "Arggggh! from the supine man.

" Well of all the gall" said the manager, "This will be a matter for the ploice " He and usher left to summon a cop.

They returned shortly with a large Irish cop, one of New York's finest.

"Now my man' said the cop, " Why would  ou being giving a problem for these nice folks when they told you twice to move from this spot" The man waved his arm again uttering another "Arggggh!"

Angry at this retort, the cop starts beating on  the soles of the man's feet with his club. " Get up or I'll arrest you for sure".

Again the waved arm and the "Argggggh!"

"OK, if that's the way you want it. Your under arrest. For God's sake man where did you come anyway"

The man replied" Arggggh,....The balcony!"

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That is funny, the obvious is never considered!