Time to Smile

A pregnant lady went to an astrologer.

Astrologer: When u deliver a baby, baby's father will die.

Lady: Thank god! My husband is safe!


Beggar: Sir Can u give me $10 for coffee?

Man: But coffee costs $5. why do u want $10?

Beggar: Coz I’ve got my girlfriend with me.

Man: U don’t have enuf for yourself but u have a girlfriend?

Beggar: Well Sir, I am a beggar because of her.


True relatives always stand behind u during bad times. Check ur marriage album. All ur relatives were standing behind u!


A cute Nurse came 4 the interview.

Dr: What salary U expect?

Nurse: $10,000.

Dr was overjoyed & said: My Pleasure.

Nurse: With pleasure it's 25,000


Which is the most confusing day in America?

Fathers’ day!


There's a small gap between confidence and over-confidence. You can kiss your girlfriend is Confidence. Only you can kiss your girlfriend is Over-Confidence.


A motorist hit a sparrow. He took d unconscious bird, put in cage with bread & water. Bird wakes up, looks around & screams: O God I’m in jail? Did I killed the motorist?....

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

your welcome Nudeinva :)

I see and truly deluded if that is what he thinks. Thanks for the explanation and as always, your contributions are a riot!! Thanks.

one is confident that he can kiss his girlfriend... but to think that he is the ONLY one who can kiss his girlfriend is over confidence :)

Funny indeed, but I did not get the over-confidence joke. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa for the others especially the doctor and the bird!