Easy???...or Hard Way to Earn a Thousand Bucks...

Nerd:  (to a lady  friend) Hey,  I'd give you a thousand bucks if you'll have sex with  me. It would really be quick coz I'll  throw it on the floor, then all you'll have to do is pick it up.  The moment  you've placed it in your pocket  I'm done. So you see, that's really quick.  

Lady :  (thinking, what an easy way to earn a thousand bucks)  Hhmm,  yeah that's cool.  But I have to ask my boyfriend first.

Lady :  (to boyfriend on phone)  Honey, there's an offer....blah...blah...blah.....

Boyfriend  :   Well, honey,  I think that's great.  You'll earn a thousand bucks with no effort at all.   Imagine,  before you've lowered your panty,  the money's in your pocket.  I think there's no time for him to  eff  you.  Grab the chance.  But,  keep in touch.  I love you.

(After a few minutes)...

Boyfriend :  Honey,  how are you doing?

Lady:      Hahhhhhhh  Hahah....hhooon hhooon honeyyyyy...... he's not done.....coz the thousand bucks.......is in cents...scattered on the floor.......





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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Only a nerd would think of that approach and it is paying off for him! Funny and sexy.

so funny hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa