The Guru

In Nepal high in the Himalayas is a giant Buddhist temple. One day a little elderly  Jewish lady , foot sore and tired after the long climb , arrived at the giant golden  doors of the shrine.She knocked upon the oaken doors with her cane.

Slowly one of doors opened creakily and there stood a Buddhist monk who said,

" Welcome little mother to the great  temple of the all seeing all, knowing  omnipotent eye of the world the Magnificent  and revered Guru of the enlightened word."

"What is it little mother that wish to ask of the exalted one , the master of our universe. Pray thee what wisdom do you seek from him. What is it you wish to ask of him this day?

The little lady replied, "Could you  tell Sheldon , that his mother from the Bronx is here to see him"

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How true. Always loved this story and used it often at sales meetings as an example of how one should never being taken in by chicanery.

Even the most exal;ted are brought down to earth!

this is pretty good!