The Odder, the Better...

 I can't imagine life without laughter. Plus, if you think about it, life is one really BIG joke! Come, on... men and women? What is funnier than those two? If we can't laugh at ourselves we're taking things waaaaaay too seriously!

So hard to pick just one joke, what with so much material! While I love a good gut-buster, I also love the more "high brow" ones. So here is my latest favorite, stop me if you've heard it:

An optimist says the glass is half full. 

A pessimist says the glass is half empty.

A realist says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

And the fat guy says "where's my cheeseburger?"


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5 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Yes!That's awesome love to laugh..realist is me..laughing keeps ya free medicine .. ;O)

i agree with u totally Shelsbels... i think the day we learn to laugh at ourselves we have achieved a lot :) and the joke was nice too :)

hey thats pretty good!!

So where is my cheeseburger?

No, I had not heard that one. It is funny!!!!!!