A man waling along the highway in the Nevada desert , about 15 miles East of Las Vegas. He is literally down to his shorts after having lost all his money, even to having lost his business back in  Iowa.  Sobbing loudly while crying out loud.

"Oh God how could I have been so foolish to play roulette, I have lost everything and what am I too do, now?:"

This tirade continued for a good length of time when suddenly a loud stentorian voice came from the clear blue sky above.

"Good man, I have heard your words and I have taken pity on your plight. Come harken  unto my words and go forth in good hope and I will help you. In front of you within one 1/4 mile and four cubits you will find an old shoe wherein there is ten dollars. You are to take that money go back from whence you came , to the Golden Nugget casino, and put the sum onto the roulette table number  to the door and play in on 24 black"

The man found the money and followed the instruction from above which directed him at every step.

A few hours alter with the voice advising him  the man has now won a fortune and was about to break the casino. Word had spread quickly around Las Vegas and now a massive crowd, TV cameras  were on hand to watch this great event as the final turn of wheel was to start.

The voice  from above now said "Harken unto the trueth word. Put it all all on 24 black.  All the money on 24 black".

The ball dropped,  the room now hushed,  the wheel spun and spun and as it ground to halt the ball dropped briefly in 24 black then bounced into 25 red.

The loud voice from above suddenly shouted for all to hear "AW ****!"

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this is a good one!!

It shows that even God can't win in Vegas to be sure!

You just have to lear to walk away when you are ahead. Hahahahaaaaaa!