This is actually a humorous true story.  It seems that to be a successful police officer these days, one has to speak every language in the world.  Either that, or the EU needs to standardise their driving licenses.

"DUBLIN (AFP) – The mystery of Ireland's worst immigrant driver, a Pole logged on the police computer as Prawo Jazdy for more than 50 motoring offences, has been solved, local media reported Friday.  Prawo Jazdy seemed to repeatedly get tickets after being stopped by the traffic corps throughout the country for a range of motoring offences.

It appeared that to keep one step ahead of the authorities, the Polish motor menace gave a different address every time he was stopped.  Finally the vital clue emerged that brought Prawo's motoring mayhem to an end: Police realised Prawo Jazdy means driving licence in Polish.  An internal police memo from a member of the police traffic division leaked to The Irish Times newspaper says that it had come to his attention that colleagues inspecting Polish driving licences were noting Prawo Jazdy as the licence holder's name.  "Prawo Jazdy is actually the Polish for driving licence and not the first and surname on the licence," the memo said.  The policeman found that computer system had created Prawo "as a person with over 50 identities".

A police spokesman told AFP that as soon as the misreading of the licences had been discovered "the matter was rectified very quickly".


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Hahahaaaa, the Tower of Bable repeated!