In the early morning hours just before its 2:00 am closing time, a bartender alone in the bar,  was finishing cleaning up before closing.

Suddenly, the door opened and in ambled a 600 pound gorilla and sat down on an end bar stool. The bartender panicked at the sight and started quickly toward the rear exiit , but stopped  in his tracks when he heard the gorilla shout out in perfect Oxfordian English.

" I say there old chap  would you be so kind  as to prepare me a very dry gin martini. "

The bartender returned and made the martini and placed it  in front of  the gorilla , who in turn put an hundred bill on the bar.

The bartender looked at the gorilla and then at the hundred dollar bill, greed replaced fear and  after going to the cash register he returned with fifty dollars change and placed it on the bar in front of the gorilla.

His fear now gone and his interest in the talking gorilla now intense, The bartender decided to engage  the gorilla in conversation. His first words were,

" You know we don't really get too many gorillas in this place"

The gorilla replied. " At fifty dollars a drink I should say you wouldn't

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