one day a bartender saw a older man walk into the bar he had with him 3
ducks. The man excused himself and went to the bathroom. So the bartender
decided to start a little coversation with the ducks. So he asks the first
duck "What is your name?" The first duck replies "Huey". and so heuy how was
your day . It was great the huey said, i went in and out of puddles all day.
thats good the bartender said. and what is your name he asked the second
duck. duey replys the second duck. and so duey how was your day. it was
great i went in and out of puddles all day, and ill do it again if i had the
chance tomorrow . Thats good says the bartender. and then he goes to the
third duck and says your name should be louie, my name is puddles says the
third duck and dont ask me how my ******* day was!

dasmuggler dasmuggler
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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Poor Puddles.