Big Chief

Deep in central America there is an indian tribe. Every year this tribe has
a sacret ritual, the farting compotition. The indian who produces the
biggest fart wins. The big chief has always won in the past but this year in
practice he can't manage anything. Angry, he goes to the witch doctor and
says "Big chief no fart" The witch doctor thinks about this and says "Here
take 2 of these pills every day and come back in a week". The big chief
walks off happy. I week later he comes back looking very angry and not a
little menacing. He says "Big chief no Fart" The witch doctor nervously says
"Drink a bottle of this every two hours and come back in a week". The big
chief again walks off happy. A week later he comes back very angry "BIG
CHIEF NO FART". The witch doctor says "Okay, take 5 of these pills every
hour and wash them down with 2 bottles of this, also every hour". The chief
walks away happy. A week later the chief's squaw comes back looking upset
"Big fart, no chief"

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

poor chief got blown away...hahahahahahaaaa