God was having hard time while reading some of the wishes of the Humans.
An Angel asked God for the problem
"What the buzz, Almighty?"
God: " Well, most wife are wishing for the same husband in next life while on the other hand the husbands are seeking different wife"
"I don't know how to resolve the thing. Fulfilling wish of one will hurt the other".

Angel: "Why dont we go down on earth and ask for some hint to resolve it"

God: "Well, we need to make it quick"

Once on Earth. God and Angel turn themselves into a Priest
they met with the Blond and ask her for the opinion on the issue they are facing.
She replied it very simple
God and Angel were amazed with the statement and asked "How"

She said: "Just tell the Wife, if she needs same husband in next life. she will also get the same Mother in Law"
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Aug 17, 2014