An officer pulls over an man in his car because the officer sees the man is NOT wearing his seat belt. The officer writes the man a ticket, generally a $200 fine. The man grumbles and tells the officer, "I've been living longer than you (officer)have been alive! This ticket ain't gonna change my ways, I don't wear seatbelts!" The office, of course replies back, "Well you do now, cause if I see you again, the fine will triple!" The man grumbles back under his breathe so the officer couldn't hear, "i've never worn a seatbelt and I ain't gonna start now!!"

A few months went by and the man saw the same officer in his patrol car. The drove up beside the officer and said, "Remember me?" The officer replied, "How could I forget?" The man looked him staight in the eyes as he starts his engine. He says to the officer, "I don't wear seatbelts and there's nothing you can do about it!"

The officer laughs, shakes his head as the man drive drives away.

Why didn't the man get a ticket?

Cause he was driving a MOTORCYCLE!
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I got it but you answered it for us! That's not fair! :( lol


Smart man 😂😂😂😂