·   Marry and make a woman happy OR remain a bachelor and make several women happy! 
·   How do u identify a true music lover?
A man when he hears a woman singing in the bathroom and puts his ear to the keyhole instead of his eye!

·   What's the biggest pressure for Pak captain when Pak needs 1 run to win in 8 ovrs, with 5 wickets in hand?
Ya Allah! How to speak English in presentation ceremony? 

·   Breaking News: Latest sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team: Whisper Ultra.
BCCI felt it appropriate as the team is undergoing its worst PERIOD!

·   In order to get 100/100 in life, a man requires 100% talent, whereas a woman requires only 4% talent & the remaining is only 36-24-36 
·   Food for thought: Why to suffer trying by all means to become rich and wear expensive branded clothes, when best things in life we do naked. 
Mallika went to a swimming pool in a BRA & PANTY.
Guard: Madam here 2 piece costume is not allowed!
Mallika: Ok... so which one should i remove? 

  ·   A Guy picks up a girl for the date. Why are u wearing ur belt around ur knee.?
Girl: I promised my mom that I wouldn't let you touch me below my belt.  
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9 Responses Mar 2, 2009

ok :)

Overall she is very nice, only it seems that she want others to be dressed!

yea, was going to ask u about that nudeinva... whats with Mrswoo..

mewold, please tell MrsWoo that nudity is beautiful, thank you!

a bug and a game too mewold :)

I thought a cricket is a bug.

Is a cricket joke or a period joke?

These are priceless. I really appreciate the cricket joke too.

Funny indeed. The truth is that being nude is the ultimate and saves a lot of money in clothing as well!