Original Pistol Team Joke


I was on the 4th infantry pistol team in 1962-63. we were the “Bull’s Eye Blazers” in Germany and we were good. Anyways, we had this joke and it go’s like this…


A handsome member of the “Bull’s Eye Blazers” went to the Oktoberfest in Munich and was captured by two beautiful ladies. He couldn’t speak German and they couldn’t speak English but they got along just great.


He really hit it off with them when they went to the “shooting booth’ and he shot down all the small moving targets. Twice. The girls each got a large teddy bear.


He then got them all huge steins of dark beer (12% alcohol). they stood on table planks and sang loud German drinking songs. He had no clue what they were about but even the men slapped him on the back for his efforts.


hen tey took a break he took the girls back to the shooting booth and with their help in holding him up he once again shot all the small moving targets down. He tried to get the girls another teddy bear but they insisted he get the prize. With a drunk but gallant smill he pointed at the little turtles.


They went back to drinking and singing for awhile until the girls had to leave. After much hugging and kissing they left. he had another mug of the strong beer and went back to the shooting both.


He could barely walk. He had trouble picking the gun up without dropping it. The vender had his doubts but wanted to see what this young American could do. OK. Using both hands he just managed to get the pistol up to eye level, although it was upside down. Rapid fire and he again shot all the little moving targets down.


Standing with a big grin he pointed at the turtles. The vender tried to give him the more valuable bear but the solider jabbed his finger at the turtles and said…”I want a another crunchy pie!”


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Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Goofy but funny! It would have been more fun to have cavorted with the girls!

You ate the turtle? ...........er............ha ha ha ha ha

that's really bad, but in a good way!