WYRD Pirate


A pirate walks into a bar.

He has a small ship’s steering wheel connected to his body right beneath his belt.

The bartender says “Mmmmm I have seen pirates with a patch over one eye, a peg leg and even a hook but never a  steering wheel!”

The pirate says “ Ayeeee ye matetee (whatever) Its driving me nuts…DD

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
4 Responses Mar 2, 2009


Oh my goodness, they are all really goofy and really funny!!!!

Here's another - Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRRRR!

LOL! You've got the same taste in jokes as my sister - here's one of her's - A scottish guy was walking along the street completely naked, except for a wellington covering his willy. After a while, a policeman came along and stopped him. <br />
"What are you doing?" he asked the Scottish man, who replied "Och, im just ******* aboot" LOL