When I am present you are not there. When you are there, there's no me.

Q. What is this riddle referring to?
Sazzio Sazzio
26-30, M
4 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I think, it should read: When I am present, you are not there. When you are there, there is no me. And I would say, the answer is: Present and future, or today and tomorrow.

This proves why people need to use proper grammar and spelling

I agree with you, but maybe the English language is a foreign language for this member and he has to learn still the intricacies of pronouns and prepositions.

Thank you for that. Now to clarify a few things... The children played with their toys. It's over there in the garden. They're the lads of hope.

Their, there or they're. Please use the right one. This makes no sense as second person possessive.

The letter I?

nothing? did you mean to write There?

Sorted! Wrong answer.