A pounding on the door wakes a couple in the middle of a stormy night. The guy gets up and answers it to a stranger who asks him for a push.

'What! You barmy, man? It's the middle of the night,' says the guy, sleepdazed, slamming the door shut.

'Who was that?' calls his partner from under the covers.

'Just some drunk asking for a push,' he answers. 'Honestly, it's 3am and it's pouring with rain out there!'

'Oh, come on... 'Don't you remember three months ago, when we broke down and two guys helped us out? You should go and help', came the muffled reply.

Sighing, the man pulls jeans and his coat on and ventures out into the pouring rain.

'Hey,' he calls out in the dark. 'Do you still need a push?'

'Yeh, please,' comes the reply.

'Where are you?' the guy calls.

'Over here...' the drunk replies. 'On the swing.
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