There was a cajun duck Hunter who was a VERY good Hunter. Everyone knew he was good, but he wouldn't take anyone with him, except his dog Fido (spelled Phideaux).
The local banker, the one that loaned him money for his house, asked him to take him hunting. The cajun said no.
The banker asked, "You like the house you're living in?"
Cajun said, "Yes."
Banker says, "Pick me up in the morning, let's don't argue."
When the cajun picked up the banker, he didn't have his dog. The banker asked where the dog was. The cajun said they didn't need the dog. The banker said,"Let's get the dog, no arguing, do it now."
First flock of ducks came in, banker shot, dropped one, told cajun send the dog for it. Cajun said don't worry, duck is dead. Banker made cajun send the dog . Dog goes out, on top of water, picks up bird, comes back on top of water, banker didn't say a word.
Few minutes later,same thing. Banker kills duck, dog retrieves on water. Banker said," I didn't say anything before cause I thought it was a damn lie, but did you see your dog walk on water to get them ducks."
"Yeah," cajun says. "I never could teach that dog how to swim."
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Lol :)