On the eve of her wedding, Jenny's mother takes her to one side for 'a few quiet words of advice'.

'Listen Jenny, Sam is a lovely man and I'm really happy for the two of you. But there's something you need to know about Mediterranean men and their .... errrmmm ... kind of ... well ... ummm, preferences in the bedroom.'

'What do you mean, Mum? Come on, you can say it .. I have been grown up for a while now, you know.'

Mother becomes a little flustered but manages to say, 'Well ... if you're in bed together and he ever asks you to turn over just tell him firmly ''NO'' '

Jenny smiles and says, 'Ok Mum, thanks. 'I'll remember that.'

The wedding all goes great and that night as they lie in bed, having made love for the first time as a married couple, dreamily enjoying those special, pefect moments in eachother's arms, he whispers to her, 'Angel, I was thinking ... would you turn over for me?'

She turns to him with a look of shock on her features. 'My mother warned me about this. The answer is NO and please don't ever ask me that again.'

'Ok honey ... I'm sorry. I wont ask again ... I promise'

They settle into married life and both of them are really happy .. a few tiffs here and there but still very much in love.

The one night, after maybe a couple of years, as they are in bed kissing and stroking one another, Sam whispers to Jenny. 'Angel, will you turn over for me?'

Jenny pulls away from him and says with a mixture of disappointment and anger, 'You promised you'd never ask that again.'

'Ohh Honey, I'm so sorry .. I know I promised and I let you down. Please forgive me .. I swear it won't happen again.

After five years of marriage, the newly-wed glow has dimmed a little but they are still happy enough together and with how life in general is going.

On the night of their fifth anniversay they are about to make love, when she once again hears those whispered words in her ear. 'Angel, will you turn over for me?'

She jumps out of bed .. outraged almost beyond words. 'How dare you? Twice before you have asked me. Twice before I have told you NO. And twice before you have promised you wouldnt ask again. Obviously, your promises and my feelings mean nothing to you!'

He looks at her and sighs ... a sad look in his eyes. 'But honey - I thought you might be ready to start a family.'
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Aug 25, 2014