My friend asked me, "Why are you getting a divorce?" I responded, "My wife wasn't home the entire night and in the morning she said she spent the night at her sister's house." He said, "So?" And I responded, "She's lying. I spent the night at her sister's house!"
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Oh wow dude, what about the rest of the story ?

i think we already know :D

Loki thought it was real then saw title. , your gender , noticed I'm stupid lol

i did not think you were stupid:D

You name is deceiving lol too many thingsss made me think you a guy , give me another riddle :p

no i am a girl :DDD

i have more jokes and riddles just search them on my stories

You made them up ? Or you found them online? And browsibgvgvvv atm

the two are correct

Subscribed ;p

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