A rancher, while riding his horse, was checking his fences. He came upon an old lamp. He rubbed it, and a genie appeared. The genie thanked him, and told him he could have one wish granted. The rancher thought about it, and told the genie, " I would like to be as well endowed as my horse." The genie said by the time he wakes up in the morning, his wish would be granted. When the rancher woke up the next morning, he went to the bathroom to take care of his usual business, and got one hell-of-a-shock, "OMG," the rancher exclaimed, "I forgot I was riding my mare!!"
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Should NOT have had a sip off tea while reading this!!! Is there an acronym for choking on your tea while laughing?

What a nightmare! ;)

What's a mare

A mare is a female horse.

Was his horse on him or something?

I don't get it

When you get older, you will.