Can you answer this question? It’s the world’s hardest riddle and 80 percent of Kindergartners solved it compared to 5 percent of Stanford graduates. The word has 7 letters, preceded by God, greater than God, more evil than the devil, and if you eat it, you will die.
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Guess it was too easy

where did you get your data? 80% and 5% ?

I believe in Analysis of Variance, a gift of the Almighty bestowed upon grateful mankind by Divine Providence through the Inspiration of the venerable Sir R. A. Fisher, Knight of the Realm, and his Disciples.
I believe in the F-Ratio wherein the uppermost Mean Square Between overcomes the lowly Mean Square Within to yield Significant Blessings upon Faithful Researchers.
I shall continue to maximize Experimental Variance and minimize Error Variance until the last of my Degrees of Freedom be spent and Divine Control shall see fit to lift my soul from this vale of Errors and Confirm my Hypothesis in that Blessed Realm where all Variance be Systematic and Error Variance be nought.

I believe in regression and ANOVA too....but those tools are useless unless someone has collected actual data.

OR...EP has a lot of Kindergartners.

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do you mean "preceded God"?