The Dangers of Farting

Their was a couple that had been maaried for about 15 years. The Woman was happy with maaried life but the only thing she couldn't stand was the fact that her husband would fart every 5 minutes. he wouldn't hide what he was doing and the farts were really smelly. she would always try and scare him by telling him that if he fart too often , that one day he would fart his GUTS out.

He never listened.

Thanksgiving came and the wife had a brilliant idea of how she could scare her husband. after removing the guts and intestines from the thanksgiving turkey she put them in their bed next to her husband.Quietly she went downstairs and continued cooking.

5 minutes later she heard a fart, a scream . . and then silence . . .

Her husband then rushed downstairs exicetedly and told her, " remember honey how you told my I would one day FART my guts out?" , " well it happened!. But with the help of VASELINE and TWO FINGERS I put them back in . . !

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

OMG..... eeeeewwwww fart guy.... hahahahaha nice one

so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha