Here's One... Strategy

I just got this in Portugues in an email, here my attempt to translate...

Nothing better to beat the crisis than strategy

An elderly man was sitting home thinking of how much he'd like to plant flowers in his garden, he needed to turn the soil in order to do so. Since this was a heavy job, he knew he couldn`t do it on his own.

His only son who could help him in this task was in prison, so he decided to write him a letter: Dear Son, I am very sad because I will not be able to plant my garden this year, I hate not being able to do so since your mother always loved flowers and this is the only time of the year I could plant them. But I am too old, if you were here I know you would help me, but sadly, theres nothing you can do... Yours Truly, Dad

The next week, the father received the following letter: FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, Dad DO NOT dig the garden, thats where I hid the bodies!

Since these letters were monitored by the prison, at 4a.m the next day the FBI were at the mans backyard digging and caving the whole garden to look for the dead bodies... They found nothing 

Confused the old man wrote a letter to his son explaining what had happened and this was his reply: I hope the feds dug your garden enough for you to plant your flowers now dad, it was the best I could do....


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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

very good one :)

wow, nice strategy :)

Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that is so funny!