Something I Ve Heard...

Do u know why God created first men and then women?




Coz first are the experiments....and then the miracles :)



*no comment from me :)*

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Nope. I can't agree with this. God had to create woman in self defense. He created man, sat down to rest for a moment, couldn't find His TV remote, and all His beer was gone!

:) heh it makes me smile too

As a man I must totally agree!

Laughter is the best medicine!!!

heh just something i heard

(: ?????????????????????? :) :)

that makes sence.



this is cute!

:D hehehe whatever God's plans are for u dad,i m sure its good

hehe you have certainly worked miracles for me! <br />
<br />
I would how God will think his experiment with my life turned out heheh