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Ok This Riddle Will Make You Think

When I first heard this one in high school I got it so wrong I actually got mad at myself

I will now share my frustration with all of you...

A toad is at the bottom of a 20 foot well with very slippery sides.

Once an hour he jumps up three feet but slides back two.

At that rate with no time off for sleep how many hours will it take the toad to get out of the well?

dasmuggler dasmuggler 36-40, M 83 Responses May 7, 2009

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If he jumps 3 ft them slides back 2 ft, only jumps 1 foot every hour so 20 hours

So what's the answer? I got one: a plant on a lake doubles it surface every day. Once it reaches half of the surface of the lake, how many days does it have left until it reaches the surface of the whole lake?

1 day

It's not 17. I think everyone who says the frog is up 18 ft at that point doesn't account for the frog sliding backwards before he can jump out. He goes back to 16 feet. So during the 17th hour, he'd only jump to 19 feet instead of the full 20. It's during the 18th hour when this final jump to 20 is realized.

8 hours


This is a math word problem, I don't consider it a riddle.

Dude its 17.01 Hours <br />
Every Jump equals 1 foot!<br />
at 17 feet he within 3 feet to the top of the well, his final jump marks the end of the he is out of the well even if he is hanging onto the rim!<br />
Maybe you need to do your math again. As for the water in the well or any other variables you failing to share that would mean you asked for an answer to a question that was not fully formed and you expect a complete answer.<br />
<br />
oh wait maybe we didn't discuss all variables ie. the bucket, water, or the retard that has not answered everyone's post!


he never gets out right????? it says he jumps 3ft then falls 2. but it never says he jumps higher than that. so he never got out right??? what the hell is the answer?!!

1 hour, someone will feel sad for the toad and get him out OR the toad found a random jetpack and fly his way out.

what is it

He stays In the same spot cause if he goes up 3 and goes down 2 he will stay in the same spot. Right?????

Id say 21hours because 20 hours he would be at the top of the wall.

17 hrs, the pore little toad isn't going to wait another hour when one more jump would get it out.

7 hours.....3 feet an hour & everytime he lands his back 2 feet slide back

20 hrs

It's seventeen...when he gets to 17 he won't slide back down because he's out!!

The frog never got anywhere...

I would have never gotten this one.

If the well is twenty feet deep. How high is the water in the well? That was not given in the riddle.

20 hours or 17 hours.

is everyone getti the answer wrong because their not writing hours? if s so than the answer is 20 hours. if im wrong than my second guess is 17 hours.

17 hours

a toad can only jump as high as one foot.... -_-

so if it took 16 hours to get 16 feet, on the 17th hour hed only get up 19 feet.. wouldnt it be on the 18th hour where he jumps 3 feet to jump out??

None of them...toads can't jump

whats the answer


its 17 hours

How does a well have 20 foot. Is'nt the measurement unit "feet"

from an earlier comment post: ah but the trick Marcus is that the first jump was not one hour to make the first foot<br />
<br />
floor of the well first jump 1 foot up the frog is 1 foot up from the first leap so on the 17th hour he is 18 feet up<br />
<br />
hince on the 17th hour jump he is at 21 feet m<br />
<br />
my teacher was a sadist by the way


it would be 20 <br />
2-3=1x 20 20!!!!!!!!

because when he is at the bottom of the well the first jump is up 3 feet slides bac 2 so he is one foot off the bottom before the clock starts. so that puts the frog/toad one foot ahead of the clock so at the 17th hour he is 18 feet up the well. he jumps which puts him 21 feet out of the well.

i still dont get it! If he jumps three feet but slides down two then he's only gaining one foot per hour. So why wouldn't the answer be 21 hours

we all did My answer back in the day was 18<br />
<br />
I had not factored in the first jump as 1 foot already up<br />
<br />
No one did

haha. See thats why I said 18. Not 17. I waited an hour at the start.

I get it.<br />
<br />
*bleah*<br />
<br />

ah but the trick Marcus is that the first jump was not one hour to make the first foot<br />
<br />
floor of the well first jump 1 foot up the frog is 1 foot up from the first leap so on the 17th hour he is 18 feet up<br />
<br />
hince on the 17th hour jump he is at 21 feet m<br />
<br />
my teacher was a sadist by the way

I <br />
<br />
HATE<br />
<br />
MATH... >.>

das, wouldn't that make it 19, not 17?<br />
<br />
18 x 1 - 18 attempts - 18 feet out of 20<br />
<br />
19th attempt = 18 + 3 = 21<br />
<br />

GAH!! I GIVE IN!!!<br />
<br />
i just want the answer already so i can feel less smarterer :/

haha, damn it. My reasoning was right but my math wasn't. I bow to you, ma'am.

The frog never gets out because he hasnt had any air in over 20 feet

What is the exact height of the well given the toad's position at the bottom at the start of his journey? <br />
<br />
Given your stated assumptions of frog well progress, we cannot calculate this unless we know that. <br />
<br />
My point is, is there a gap or additional distances that are unstated or implied in the riddle?<br />
<br />
Under normal assumptions, a constant 1+ foot gain would allow the frog to clear the well's lip in 20 or 21 attempts, and both of those answers were deemed wrong.<br />
<br />
Running out of options here...:(

CK you win the prize 17 is the correct answer <BR>at the 17th hour the toad leaps UP 3 feet which would put him one foot above the well (21 feet)<BR><BR>congrats!!!

do frogs even sleep '0_0

sorry flourlady but no that will be try #8

It's 17.<br />
<br />
But don't ask my logic. It's so totally wrong.

Ill say 16

sorry you over bid<br />
<br />
I should count that as try #7


One dollar, Bob?

The original riddle included that line when someone tried to factor in the frog needing sleep<br />
<br />
the teacher liked that one so much he added it into the riddle

do frogs even sleep '0_0

Could be nothing or it could be everything. Flippin' riddles. I'm so chafed.

how does the "no time off for sleep" impact the frog's progress? <br />
<br />

You keep saying "think outside the box". Is the toad trying to get to Taco Bell?

no no cats were involved nor was Paula and no, no one licked the toad

ive always been told i think outside the box but i think someone shut me inside my box for thinking outside of it too much o_o

And, shitcakes. I was hoping it was Philosophy so I could stop counting.

haha. There should ALWAYS be an animated cat.

no Marcus sorry sir up 3 back 2 a foot an hour<BR><BR>the little guy isn't bionic<BR><BR>Try #6<BR><BR>It was Chemistry

Does an animated cat start dancing with Paula Abdul somewhere in here at some time?

wait...feet....are you talking about like he jumps up 3 feet like 3 of HIS frog feet and only 2 of those 3 feet slide are the feet his legs...?

4 hours?<br />
<br />
I'm assuming that the meaning of "slides back" could be construed to mean he is sliding out, thereby making the frog's progress 5 feet at a time. <br />
<br />
If he is sliding continuously in an constant direction, 4 would easily help him to clear it: 4x5 = 20 feet?<br />
<br />

Hm.... then I have to ask which class this was an extra credit question for?

It smacked a whole class of seniors back in the day<br />
<br />
It requires true "thinking outside the box"

I think this one kicked our collective *****.

I got real serious into riddles after this one<br />
<br />
for awhile I got pretty good too<br />
<br />
Now I have to take a day or so ha ha

sorry Marcus the little guy does get out <br />
<br />
try #5

haha, thats a pretty slick move on the teacher's part. This reminds me of Mindtrap. The little mind teasers like this on cards. One of my teachers used to use them for ten or fifteen minutes at the beginning or end of class. I outsmarted the teacher and went out and bought the game... wells even have sides...<br />
<br />
i thought they were circular...

I'm with Unoriginal on the last jump. And I know he isn't waiting an hour for his first jump.<br />
<br />
If I were the toad, I'd just give up.

With the slippery sides, never. <br />
<br />
It is highly unlikely that the toad will be able to maintain its 1 foot gain while continuously slipping down the well over the course of the hour before making another jumping attempt.<br />
<br />

no not 21 that is try #4<br />
<br />
<br />
don't feel bad the teacher had given this on a test for extra credit and no one got it... I felt so foolish after that I wanted to bang my head against the wall

ha, damn! <br />
<br />
****.<br />
<br />
21? I know on the last jump he ISNT sliding two feet down becase he's out. My basic math skills suck, though.

no not 20 try #3

20 hours...?

no not 18 <br />
<br />
that was try #2

18 hours.

no sorry try#1

he never gets out?? lol

19 hours