THE Porche

A lady walks into a Car Dealership... she sees an exquisite Porche.. she walks over reaches out her hand & as she touches it she accidentally Farts.. embarrassed she hoped no-one heard. A salesmen approaches...she asks him casually " excuse much is this porche?" to which  the Salesman replies " Lady if you farted when you touched it your going to **** yourself when i tell you the price "
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LMFAO ! Thank-you , this was really funny !

Hahahahahaha!!!! thats funny!!!

That's not the real question here! Pete is dead, and the blast zone radiates from exactly where you were standing! The real question is, if the nice cars are so expensive, why are gassy baked beans so cheap?!??! Oh, the price of life!

Im telling you ... IT WAS NOT ME !! ... aww Poor Pete ... it was his first day as a salesman ... tsk tsk ... "WHY ? WHY ?? Why are nice cars so overpriced ??? "

It's too late, we've lost him. Tell the morgue we've got another Caroli9 special on the way. Yup, full protective gear. It is possible Pete might be recycable though. Check his feet or bottom for a number code...

Open some windows for pete's sake .... " Pete !! P E T E !! " !!!! It wasnt me ....

That'll take at least two transport helicopters to airlift in a pair. And we need a few cotton fields to harvest a back-up, in case she looks at the financing plans!

New GrannyPants....STAT !!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!!!! Someone get a biohazard containment crew in here, pronto! *phewwww* Stinky.

OMG !! ................... PEWWWWW

hahahaha.... HEY, DON'T LOOK AT THE PRICE TAG!!!!! O_O

hehehe hahaha (fart) * Blushes* hahahaha ( excuse me ) :P

hahahaha "lol!"