It would be absolutely lovely to hear a friendly comment from anyone who frequents this group, it would feel a bit like me wetting my pants in public everyone will be able to see, but only I will appreciate the genuine warmth of the jesture!


xxx Joe xxx

freelancejoe freelancejoe 36-40, M 14 Responses Dec 4, 2009

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Wet your pants? Ew.

Welcome aboard the: ''Pink Flamingo'' HaloKai...;-)

I am happy to be a part of "this new and higher plane of sophistication"

Reading with great interest and will try to leave comments so you know I was ere appreciating all of your talents-I mean all of you!

Hi gott glad you could join the party, that Wilmaaa sure is one talented humourous chick, don't you agree? My pants are soaking wet after her warm welcome comments! I'm still laughing my blessed cotton socks off.

As for gold: ''Buy, Buy, Buy!'' we are rocking the market! There will be a full point on interest rates in the New Year!

The black pear has got wind in her sail, and another scrawny crew member!...;-)

Wilmaaa, i think you are stuttering.

It's ok! When I get scared I shyt myself. It could be worse Lol.

It's good to be amongst friendly bohemians of a similar ilk, I feel like I have been in the wilderness for forty years, if ya get mi drift?;;;-) Nice comment Diva Drew, thanks for the welcome!

It's called copy and paste from (Thesaurus Section). LOL~ not a true intellectual ~Wilmaa - how many times did you hit the freakin' submit button... we get it already.xxxd

Miss drew!

I am soo impressed, what eloquence! Not one spelling error! wow!

What was in your cereal?



It's good to know you have evolved from the stuffy, boastful, conceited and often flatulent, grandiose, high and mighty, imperious, important, narcissistic, overbearing, overblown, pretentious, self-important, upity intellectuals of your past life on that website. I doubt any of our brillant minds have tread there.

~ prove me wrong, someone ~

We welcome you with open arms to this new and higher plane of sophistication; our own brand of scholarly thinking and avant-garde pontifications.

As far as the incontinent issue, they make some wonderful new products to help manage this problem. Why, one easily forgets there is an issue. This will benefit all of us around here cuz' you won't be compelled to share the intricate details.

~ next thing he'll be telling us about his poop habits ~

Just saying.

As far as wearing your insecurities on your sleeve - welcome to the club! It's the EP way... we are all flawed and vulnerable and funny and whateva...

It's all good (no it's not really - but one can hope).

lady drew.

you are certainly "ripe". at your best, that is.

Hi joe. i enjoy a good joke too.


It's ok sweetheart, don't worry, I'm wearing all of my insecurities on my sleeve, you see since I'm not an intellectual anymore, I've lost my incontinent pants, guess you could call me an: ''Englishman in New York!'' WOW! That STUNG!...;-) runs off with tail between legs!

that is funny drew.

Darlin' this is the WRONG GROUP for Public Pant Wetting.

But, have at it. Anything goes here in EP land... full acceptance, unbridled love and adoration.

~ blows sunshine up FLJ's Arse ~