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Okay I have a good one here:

What things that when you rub them, it will turn red, then it will get wet, then if you massage them hard enough the hair will start to fall and you will wince in pain and you looked like you're going to burst into tears?

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zazababe zazababe
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thanks - i liked it

aw man, that was clever.

No, the answer is....................<br />
Its your eyes!<br />
If you rub them to hard for a very long long time, they will get red and watery, then the eyelashes will start to fall off and then the stinging pain will occurs then lastly you'll cry...<br />
Hehehe good one right....?

prickly pear sounds good - whats the answer?

a prickly pair cactus

that is a stumper. I really would like to know the answer :)