A man who is having gas problems explains to his doctor that ever time he farts it sounds like a Honda. The doctor does an examination and finds nothing wrong with the man. As a last resort, he looks into the patients mouth and finally spots the problem..."I'm sorry, you'll have to go to the dentist for treatment for this problem."

So the man goes to see his dentist and explains abut his gas problem. After a quick exam, the dentist announces that the man has an abscess.   "Don't worry, I'll have you fit and back to normal in a jiffy," says the dentist.   Sure enough, the man's problem disappears and he no longer farts like a Honda.   The next week the man calls up the dentist and thanks him but before he hangs up he ask the dentist how he knew that an abscess had caused the problem.   The dentist said, " It's easy. Every one knows that an abscess makes the fart go Honda"
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Make me laugh .. that guy was needing an adjustment huh???