The Picture Theatre

Hi,  during a movie the usher noticed a guy who had his legs were dangling over the back of the seat and front of him and his arm hanging over the back of his seat. The usher whispered to him "Sir, can you please sit up properly" but the man just grunted and remained as he was. "Sir if you don't sit up properly I will have to get the manager", again the man grunted and didn't move. So the usher called the manager "Excuse sir" said the manager "you have been asked to sit up properly. If you don't do so I shall ask you to leave the theatre" Nothing but a grunt. So the manager told the man to leave the theatre but he didn't move. Then the manager decided to call in a policeman who was walking the beat. The police officer came in and shown his torch on the man "You have been told to leave, now do so or you will place you under arrest. The only response from the man was a grunt. "Oh a smart guy huh?" storted the officer and he got out his pocket book and pen. "Okay, what's your name fella?" he asked. The man answered in barely a whisper "John" then the officer asked "And where do you come from John?" The man slowly raised his arm and pointed up and said "The balcony".


Mal5252 Mal5252
56-60, M
Feb 10, 2010