More Blonde Jokes

blondes think meow mix is a cd for cats

 did you hear about the blonde who thinks Taco Bell is the Mexican phone company

then there was the blonde who was going to pick up a friend at the airport and came to a sign by the highway that said Airport Left... so she said darn it and went home...

I'll write some more when I remember them... sorry all you blondes out there ..yes I'm a brunette and I'm just kidding...really !

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two blondes were going down the street together - one was digging up a hole in the dirt and the other would wait a few seconfs and then fill in the hole with the same dirt that had just been dug up.<br />
an onlooker noticed this activity and at some point couldnt take it any more.<br />
<br />
approaching the blondes he asked the obvious question - why are you digging the hole if the only thing she is doing is filling it in right away?<br />
<br />
she answered without heitation: we usually work together with a third girl but she is sick today. its her job to put the flowers in...

shuki... good one ... the ending was really funny!

kismetgirl47 - thanks for starting<br />
mind if i add one of a few?<br />
a blind guy walks in to womens bar sits down and orders a drink<br />
says to the bartender wanna hear a blonde joke?<br />
bartender answers: listen up - <br />
this is a women's bar<br />
but you're blind so i will give you a warning<br />
the woman sitting next 2 you has a black belt in karate<br />
the woman there at the table - well she won silver at the Olympics in weightlifting<br />
and i have studied kickboxing <br />
we are all blonde and hate blonde jokes<br />
you sure you still want to tell that joke?<br />
he thinks for a moment - naaaaa<br />
i dont want to have to explain it 3 times