Don't Guess

An old man of eighty-two went to a ***** bank to make a deposit.

"Are you sure," asked the woman at the reception desk, "that you want to do this?"

"Yes," answered the old man,"I feel it is my duty to give something of myself to the world."

The woman handed him a jar,and directed him to a room down the hall. When thirty minutes had passed and he did not return, the girl began to worry. She feared he might have had a heart attack or a stroke.

At that moment the  old man came out of the room and approached the young woman. "Listen,"he said."I tried it with one hand, then I tried it with two hands, then I got it up and beat it on the sink. Then I ran warm water on it and then cold water over it..."

"And still I can't get the lid off the jar."

chalucha chalucha
46-50, M
Feb 11, 2010