Into The Woods

A blonde and a brunette go camping in the woods. When night falls, they pitch their tent and fall asleep. Around midnight, the brunette wakes up because of a noise outside their tent. She tries to wake the blonde, but the blonde is a very heavy sleeper and will not wake up. The brunette finally goes outside where she is attacked by a bear roaming their campsite. The blonde hears her friend scream, and goes outside to see what the matter is. She finds her friend lying still on the forest floor and runs back to their tent to call 911 on her cell phone. When the operator asks her the nature of her emergency, she says
"I think my friend is dead."
"Alright," the operator says. "No need to panic. First make sure she's dead." The blonde goes into her tent retrives a shotgun, and shoots her friend.
"Okay," she says. "Now what?"

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Feb 11, 2010