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A woman who lives in new york legally married three men, she did not get divorce, get an enollment, or legally seperate. How is this possible?

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There are two possible answers
first - she was widowed twice (you never excluded her husbands dying)
second - she was a justice of the peace/minister and performed the marriage ceremonies

Let me think of one k


Yes, that's what it is!

I'm clueless (nothing new there).

is she still legally married to all three?

lol, hmmm... I wonder if there is a limit of having multiple personalities

Nah I think she had multiple personalities! I wonder how that would work... hmmm *stares off deep in thought*

Was she a conjoined twin???

Was she a widow a couple of times?

She was a minister, a nun?

She became a nun.

I'm stupid I won't ever get it lmao

Close, but no roach.

I like how no one tries to answer the original riddle lol


LOL, no my dear redneck:P

What the hell, did she kill them all?