So this poor guy walks into a seedy looking brothel.

He walks up to the Madame's counter and asks.

"Good afternoon madam, I find myself in a bit of a jam. You see, I have this urgent, burning desire, but I only have 2 dollars on me. Is there any service that I could get here that would satisfy me for that price?"

So the madame takes a long hard look at him, then says:" Okay, it isn't much and it might not be your thing, but look over there, on the left, there's a door that leads to a small room. You can go in there, and once there, you'll figure it out."

The guy says "Oh wonderfull! Thank-you ma'am!"

Then he give her his money and goes into the dark room as instructed. In the room, there's a chicken. He's kind of confuzed, he looks around, it's very dark... and yes... there's only a chicken. So he thinks to himself... "What the hell... I guess it's better than nothing"... and he does the chicken.


A week later, he enters the same house, walks up to the lady and says " Madam, this week I have 5 dollars! What can I get for 5 dollars?"

She rolls her eyes and tells him: "Well for 5 bucks you can go into that room over there, once in there, you'll know what to do, it's the door on the right."

So the man, trusting the lady, give her his 5 dollars and goes into the room. It's a small room, with stools along the wall. Most of them are occupied. He finds one, sits and notices a small hole in the wall. He looks in, and sees a guy in a room, trying to have sex with a goat.

He bursts out laughing and says "Oh my god, the guys doing a goat!"

Then the guy next to him says "That's nothing boy, you should have seen last weeks guy try to do a chicken!"


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