After several hours of imbibing at the  local bar, A drunk staggered out and observed another over served man sitting on the curb,  sobbingly uncontrollably.

Moved by this display of  emotion by a fellow drunk, the first man stopped for a  moment and then  sat down beside him hoping in some way to console him. 

"Whats wrong , fella?" said the first drunk.

"  Well , you know about two or three  hours ago my wife and I  started out for an afternoon of pleasurable drinking and we wound up drinking  in this place.. " Pausing to momentarily to compose himself,  he began again,

" Well!,  after the first two hours  I ran out of money and in desperation I sold my wife and her virtue to another man  for $50.00".

"Wow!, say no more, " said the first drunk. " I now completely understand your grief. You have suddenly realized that what you have done is a truly despicable act and you are now  suffering overwhelming guilt over it"

"Nope' said the second drunk while still wracking with sobs, ,"" I think you have it all wrong. I am just crying because I am thirsty again and I can't find her!""

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You don't know what i mean by possessive male stereotype. Ok then.