A drunk,  after hours of  imbibing  finally and sensibly decided , to leave for home.  Disoriented  from drink, , of course ,  and not to sure of his bearings , he staggered out of the saloon  and walked promptly and directly into  a utility pole and  taking a blow on his head he fell back wards  to the ground. Bewildered , he struggled to his feet and walked forward again into the same pole  stril king his head and again as before fell flat onto his back. 

He repeated this same  maneuver  five more times with the same results. Finally ,  while siting in a bloody daze on the ground he  began to sob openly crying to the heavens for help in his dilemma..

"Oh my God!, "He said, "I cannot believe that I am lost,  lost,  in an impenetrable forest".

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rediculously funny :)