The Wish

I have no idea if someone has a riddle like this, but here goes:

In a forest, there is a man who is seeking for his wishes to be granted. He comes across a rock and sits on it to rest. Suddenly, a genie appears and announces that it will grant his greatest desire...under one condition. It told him that he had to make a sacrafice before it grants him his wish. He agrees and the genie tells him, "Bring me the creature of four eyes, (two that cannot be used) two noses, (one that cannot be used)  two mouths (one that cannot be used) four ears, (two that cannot be used) two heads, four arms and four legs. The man pauses for a moment before replying. What did he tell the genie?

Answer: A pregnant woman because she can use her entire body, but the baby within her cannot use certain body parts.

Thus, the man sacrifices a pregnant woman to get his wish granted.

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