Mentally Challenged Newlyweds

A couple who were mentally challenged were in love and wanted to marry. Despite family conflict on both sides, they were determined, and did indeed
get married. How happy they were and proud of themselves! They would live in a small apartment all alone and they both had jobs they were able to do,
even thought they would not have much money. They would worry about that when they got back from their honeymoon! Right now this was the only thing
they could think about! They were so excited!
Both felt so grown up yet sheepish when they checked into the hotel where they would spend their first night of "married life". In their room they hastily
changed and hopped into the bed. That was when they discovered there might be a problem. The man jumped up and hurried out to find a bellhop.
He found one and said "My girlfriend and I just married." He went on to tell his predicament to the uninterested bellhop who started paying more attention as the groom told his story.
The bellhop said "take me to your room and do exactly what I say." The groom agreed. They entered the newlywed's room where the bride was lying in
the bed. The bellhop asked for her lipstick, and with it he marked a circle as the wide eyed couple looked on. Then the bellhop said to the groom "Stand
in this circle while I'm in bed with your wife, and don't step out until I tell you,"
The groom stepped inside the lipsticked circle and he watched as the bellhop took his wife to bed and began to make wild passionate love to her.
Some time passed and suddenly, over the moans from the bed, the bellhop heard the man laughing wildly. He looked at the man in the circle who was
still laughing and jumping up and down. The bellhop asked "What? I have'nt told you yet!"
The groom, still laughing, announced triumphantly, "I stepped out of the circle twice and you did'nt catch me!"

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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Haha I've heard that one before. <br />
By the way is there a way to change the setting on this joke? I had to temporarily change my age to "18-21" just to view this. I've heard way worse by the way =)

LOL good one hugs :)