I've just been on a once in a lifetime holiday.
I tell you what. Never again
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Can't believe I fell for that one lol!

Saw Tim Vine tell that one on the news too : D

Yeah I told him earlier that evening

Haha, good one mate!

Where are you from

Nottingham. Where are you?

Bournemouth. Just in case you support Forest I don't support Bmth so no digs about the other night lol

No, don't worry, I'm not a football fan. Didn't realised they've just played forest until I googled it just now. : )

Yeah 2-1. Never mind. Anyway why are you on here? Any particular reason

Heeeey just past midnight. Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday!

We are led to believe down here that Nottingham has the highest girls to each bloke ratio. Is that true

Happy birthday mate. I'm just browsing, I often like to go to the I am an atheist group and tell all the bible bashers to go f off back to the religious groups! .
Yes I've heard people say that about Nottingham girls too but if it's true then I'm definitely missing out :P

Ha ha ha cheers

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