A scientist invented a lie detector, which he brought home for a test run.

At the dinner table,
Scientist: Son, sit down and eat dinner with me.
Son sits down.
Scientist: Where were you today at school hours?
Son: I was in school studying, Dad.
Son: Okay, I was at the library.
Son: Alright! I was at my friend's house.
Scientist: What are you doing there?
Son: Playing games
Son: Stop slapping me! I was watching *****.
Scientist: Shame of you. When I was your age, I don't go to my friend's house to do that! I go there to study

Wife: Ha ha ha. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Wife: What?! He IS your son.
Scientist: I didn't even cheat on you and you cheated me with this child!
PrezBel PrezBel
Sep 1, 2014