I Am Mean .

I work the midnight shift . on my work crew there is this African-American worker who scratches his head and body all the time . Everybody stays their distance from him . then one night a couple of months ago i walked up to him . Said i have a suggestion for your itching. a great remedy . he said oh i need that . i just cant stop itching . so i told him . *go to the store, buy some motor oil , W/30 motor oil rub it on you head . leave it on for a couple of minutes then wash it out and shampoo your hair . in cold water . then i told hi after that . apply it to your body . little bit at a time . not covering all your body up the whole time .
The next night i came to work . he was not there . i was like oh fuckking shitt i hope that didn't kill his asss . Then he shows up to work . i was relief . He comes in smiling . announced to me outloud . that he done what i told him to do . and it worked . no itching . Everybody was cracking up . trying not to laugh . and one guy turned and said . you are one crazy asss fuccker . Damnn i am mean! .
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3 Responses May 25, 2012

Now I want you to go on the internet and look up motor oil to stop itching! It's there and yes it really works. See you should be a DOCTOR!!!!!

**** i never knew that . hah . so i wasn't so mean after all . thanks for sharing that . :) .

Oh I think it is awesome!! The joke backfired, LOL. I bet it shocked you that it worked huh????

well least his itching stopped :/ nah u not mean ive done meaner

yes it did stop the itching . ouch @ done meaner . so have i .