Dinner With Stewart

Nearly every night we watch Jon Stewart while eating dinner. Of course he's not on the air then, it's a recording of the previous night's show.  He's funny and the show is a perfect length to fit into our dinner schedule. If  we eat too fast we just fast forward through the commercials. Or do we fast forward through he commercials forcing us to eat faster?  Doesn't matter.. it just works for us! 

Its weird how we catch up on the news watching Comedy Central.  No one just watches the regular news anymore.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Stewart and Colbert are on vacation again this week, aren't they? They take a lot of time off...but I guess they need it. It can't be easy churning out high quality the way they do night after night....but I do miss it when they go....I record it also, to play the next day.

I'm sure they have a very sweet contract with lots of time off to recharge. This time might also allow for working on other projects.