Just idly thinking back to how I got turned onto Jrock and such. I was pretty young at the time, probably 11ish, and I was into Kpop, so foreign music was pretty normal for me. I made a good friend online and she shared a song that she had stuck in her head. It was Gackt's "Illness Illusion." I digged it and went looking up more of his stuff. Eventually, that lead to me stumbling on Dir en Grey, and briefly on Due le Quartz. With DLQ, I was never a fan of Sakito's voice, so it didn't stick. As time went on, my list grew, and before I knew it, it was pretty much all I listened to, with some exceptions.

My tastes have sense become more narrowed down, and I pretty much only listen to a small number of bands, most of them interconnected in some way or another, interestingly enough. I listen to Nightmare, LM.C, Penicillin, Machine, SID, Pierrot, and sometimes the Gazette and Alice Nine. Lately I've been getting into Exist Trace. It's nice to see some girl power on the scene.

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You should check out Aldious. Girl metal with a female-sounding vocal. <br />
http://www.myspace.com/ultimate.melodious <br />
I love Bind. Good song~