I love Jrock because it sounds beautiful as the language it is and everytime I search up its english lyrics they're really beautifull and full of meaning. I guess I discovered Jrock not too long ago but it was by one of my friends that happened to have her mp3 on her one day in class. We were bored and we were both done with our work and she handed me her mp3 player and I listened to it. I was like wow why didn't you introduce me to this before? lol I liked it the first time I heard it and instantly knew it was Japanese. She seemed kind of relieved too because she told other people about it and they scoffed at her for it v.v. Anyways now almost everyday I'm discovering new Jrock bands and am digging deeper into their different types, for instance visual kei and thats also something I love along with the way the members dress and etc etc. I have become completley obsessed with it!

ChaoticSarah ChaoticSarah
18-21, F
Mar 4, 2010