Judy Spit On Me

It was 1969. I was 19 and had always been mad for Judy Garland. Somehow my cousin got tickets to see her on a Friday night in Boston at the Back Bay theater. Times were different then so you could get tickets in the Orchestra. We had seats in the second row, center stage. I don't remember being that excited before or after in my life. We waited and waited until finally there was the announcement that Judy wasn't able to perform that night but that we all could come back Saturday night to see her. I remember hearing people around us saying she was probably drunk. That pissed me off even though I thought that might be the case.
 The next night we got the same seats. She did come out. A tiny, dynamic little thing she was. Waif like. We all looked up at her as though she was Gulliver.
She sang a couple songs with a jittery voice but we, none of us in the audience cared. It endeared her to us more. After a couple songs she sat down on the edge of the stage right in front of my cousin and I. She apologized for not showing on Friday. Everyone said in unison, " That's OK Judy, we love you" as if rehearsed. She talked to us as if we were in her living room. I was quite brazen and I talked right back to her complimenting her on her PJ's. She actually laughed out loud and cursed me for giving her away. Said she was pooped and had no intention of squeezing into the outfit they laid out for her backstage and decided to leave her "lounging pajamas on." She talked for quite a while and several times spoke directly to me. I had a conversation with Judy Garland.She made us all laugh many times. Great sense of humor. I never missed her on Jack Paar and she was an absolute riot. 
 She finally began to sing again, although we all would have been happy if she had talked for an hour and a half. She remained sitting on the stage after asking if we minded. She sang and sang and her legs were flying around and of course her one arm was doing it's thing as she put some feeling into it.
 At the end she thanked us for coming back and said goodnight. She looked right at me and a couple others the first time she said it before scanning the rest of the audience.
 I can't think of another time besides that night,in my life, that I could describe as magical. The best moment for me was when she was belting out "The Man That Got Away" and she spit on me !!!!! I talked about that to anyone who'd listen, for weeks, pointing out to them exactly where it landed on my face.

 Judy talked about a new guy she was in love with. Mickey she called him. She didn't elaborate but it was obvious she was really happy. My heart breaks to this day when I think if the headlines 6 months later that they found her dead from an accidental overdose.
I am by no means the "starstruck" type. Except for Judy Garland who is alive and singing, still, in my life and always will be.
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Wonderful story! I just tried writing to you about this, but I guess you'd have to add me before I can message you.

So that means you are 64 yo. Huh... so you are lyong on your profile about your age. Why?

Excuse me Mr. Petty. What the hell do you care? I'm not looking for friends or lovers on here so I could not care less if anyone knows how old I am. I made my profile years ago. I'll be 65 in May. Feel better?

**** you ***** *****. Integrity matters

Beautiful story, you took me there with you that night, but, I would have been 11 years old. Indeed magical. Thank you Odd. I'm glad we butted heads. EP is great for this reason. Most people I get into little spats with on here I will go and check out their groups/stories and find that all are things I would not be interested in, all are pretty much oppositional to my own interests, yours are not that way. Keep writing.

Again, goosebumps. I am SO pleased that you took the time to look at and respond to my stuff. You could have just thought I was a b.i.t.c.h and moved on. That says a lot about you. I'm happy we "butted heads" I'm gonna check you out now...:>

that sounds like a great night,judy is a legend.i bet her life story would make great reading

That is so cool! Judy was so amazingly talented and beautiful. I've always loved her, but being born in 1985 it was a little to late for me to ever get to see her in person. :( That is one awesome story though!

What is also awesome is...you. You must have an old soul. It makes me so happy that someone your age appreciates her talent. Says a lot about you keithstone! Thank you for the great comment.

In August of 1969 I hitch hiked from Boston to Bethel NY to attend Woodstock. I was 19 then, too. I bet we have much in common....Our musical tastes may be different, or not, but I attended concerts all over Boston at places like "The Boston Tea Party", "The Music Hall", the short lived "Fenway Theatre" and many other places, too

You were at Woodstock? So was I! I got there Saturday so I was in row 4 million way up in the back of the field in the mud...didn't matter..it was magic wasn't it?

It sure was. I got there late Friday and the fence was torn down so I still have my tickets...$18, what a rip off :). I was pretty far back, too. It was magic and it was just a moment in time, that unfortunately will never happen again. Hey, maybe you saw me there. I was the guy with the long hair about 3/4 back in the crowd :))))))

I was a musician and entertainer for many years and met and/or worked with celebrities in the 70's & 80's. I am now an envious reader!!!

I loved Judy Garland! Never got to meet her or even watch her live. What a lucky lady you are. Thanks

How nice RRguy. You are right. I feel blessed to this day. Thank you

Judy is a legend.

Great memories and thanks for sharing..she was such a gem.Just think, if she had not<br />
cancelled it could have turned out so different. It was so destined to be ...for you and your friend .Thanks again for sharing a special time in your life...I was hanging on every word you made me feel as if I was sitting right there beside you.<br />

Well, thank you for that wonderful comment Ms. Rogers! I do think about that now and then, that perhaps the cancellation was some sort of blessing in disguise. Life is funny that way. Peace

Yes and Peace be with you too.

I know this isn't about Judy Garland, whom i absolutely loved, but i've got to tell it anyway!<br />
<br />
I got two tickets to see Rod Stewart! Oh man I loved him. I was so extatic. I brought an older woman I worked with at the time because she worshiped him. She had everything Rod Sewart and I felt like I was really doing something cool for her, she was the sweetest thing.<br />
<br />
As we entered the stage we were fortunate enough to enter backstage, as a favor to me, and we passed him as he was meeting with the other band members in preparation for the concert. He looked straight at us! Wow I knew this was really a special night!<br />
<br />
She was from his hometown so that made it even more special! Our seats were great and when he entered he walked right by us and looked directly at both of us, I thought she'd have a heart attack! She waved her hometown Flag like hundreds of others and he "entered stage".<br />
<br />
The performance was great and at one time she was on the BIG screen, for quite a while! She was seen waving her flag, singing and dancing.<br />
<br />
The concert ended and here he came. right toward us, looking directly at me! I couldn't believe it. I KNEW he was going to say something or do something...the anticipation was unbelievable and a thousand things ran through my mind! It was like slow motion. I could feel her jealous eyes on me. Here he came directly at me, took a sharp sudden turn and gave her the biggest hug! Which was also put up on the big screen;). I know my mouth dropped open, I couldn't believe it! But she cried afterward, gave me a huge hug and thanked me for days! What can you say?

Isabelle, that's a great story! Isn't it amazing how we can be transported to a silly teenager in the presence of these folks. Your friend will never be the same. Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience.

Thanks. It was a great experience. I'm going to add you to my group if you like!

It's a beautiful thing chatting with women your own age ain't it???

What a beautifully written story. I felt like was there too! I think its awesome that you had such a memorable experience. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for reading rottenrobi, and for your kind comment.

I really connect with you! Don't know why but it's good. We seem to build each other up, that's what it's about, right?

It's really cool. That's exactly what it's about and not always found in life!

wow I would have loved to see her in person. I admire her so much. I actually met Liza in person and she was just as down to earth with everyone. The funny thing is that, like Judy, she also was MIA for a few days and everyone was talking about booze. After you get to know someone so warm though, it is not a comment you'd make. It's great when they are such big stars, admired by everyone but they still come down to earth.

awww, i just love this story, O&S. i can say that i wasonce within sweat slinging distance of Scott Weiland with the Stone Temple Pilots...but it's not nearly the same thing, is it!? i certainly didn't feel blessed. really, there are very few performers nowadays i'd like to swap bodily fluids with. <br />
<br />
what a sad ending, to a remarkable human. seems to me that you were sort of bathed in Judy's glory that night. how many people could say such a thing!? not many, me thinks.... :0]

HA ! Woobie, you slay me. "swap bodily fluids with"
I like that, "bathed in Judy's glory" I was. ty